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Please check your address whether we can provide an electricity service to you.


Electricity prices is different from region to region and also varied by type of network plan. We can find out the best rate that we can offer by checking your address.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t have to. We will replace your old legacy meter with a smart meter after gaining the ownership of electricity supply at your property. We do this for free and the installation could take approximately 10-15 minutes. Until the installation completed and data transmission initiated, we may have to estimate your consumption but this won’t take long.
Good to hear that! We will kick start the switching process for you after reviewing your application. We will start supplying the electricity service at your property within 1 to 5 working days. At each process, we will contact you via email.
We don’t supply gas. However, you can get your gas service from another retailer easily.
You have to set up direct debit or credit card automatic payment. We send you weekly bill each Wednesday and process your payment every Friday.